02 February 2007


I was intrigued by the idea of housewifes a/k/a hussifs, as mentioned last year on various tatting lists. The quilt store downtown had a sale [beware!] and I went.
Oh, the fabrics, and the colors, and the large % off of holiday fabrics.

As you can tell, I went slightly overboard. I made 3 more in addition to what is pictured. One went to the Fort Wayne Tatting Guild holiday exchange, and two went to the other officers in the Guild.
The purple one is headed overseas - tho I would like to keep it, [the person it's going to really really needs it - more than I do!]
[UPDATE] And I've heard from her, and she loves it! especially the feel, as it is a brushed almost flannel like cloth
BUT, the quilt shop has had another sale, and I have more fabric. To make others!

[Update]The poinsettia one was the luck of the cloth, so to speak. I had gotten the fabric in a 'grab bag' at the quilt shop, and there was enough to lay out the housewife so that the flowers and petals just 'bloomed' in position. The striped piece that is the back of the front pocket also came from this grab bag, already pieced.
I did buy more of the poinsettia cloth, to make one, maybe two more housewifes for the 2007 holiday season.

And the reason for lots of ribbon to tie them shut? In case the recipient wants some ribbon to tie to the end of a picot gauge - they have the ribbon that matches - Smart, huh?

[Update 2] What's a housewife for? - stuff - pattern, thread, shuttles, tape, needles, pen, highlighter, paper, whatever is needed to accompany a tatting project, so that it's portable, accessible in a purse or carry-on, or briefcase.

Hi- Hope here and I LOVE your housewifes!!! especially the pointsetta one.. what an eyecatcher! also- tell me more about the c&c quilt thread varigated that you did the wee heart in please... looks like what I might need to go with my 203 manuela project...
What are these for? I may "need" one, LOL! I don't tat as much as everything else, but do on occasion and am always on the lookout for things I might need :)
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