17 November 2006

The Seventh Motif

It's a Baby Boo Pumpkin! that I grew in my garden - seeds came from KMart. It's a small pumpkin, about the size of an apple, or small orange.

Oh, you want to know about the tatting, right? Cotton perle, with orange beads. It's Wally Sosa's September tatalong project, with seven repeats of the clover, instead of 8. I didn't attach it to the pumpkin, just laid the tatting on top, so I can remove the tatting, and use it again next year.


03 November 2006

The Sixth Motif

A new motif - If a bookmark can be called a motive.

This is a Bina Madden design, available at http://www.paradisetreasures.com/sabms.html

And I learned how to do a Self Closing Mock Ring! Actually, 12 of them in the entire bookmark.

I know you'll all curious as to why - and why the matching angel.

Well, I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time in April 2007, and I wanted to tat something for my DDIL for her pregnancy book and then for the baby book. And since we all won't know the sex until the babe makes it's appearance, a multi colored Flora 20 was called for. The angels [there are 6 of them - just not all pictured] are for the to be parents and grandparents to carry to keep mother and child safe and healthy.


More of Martha Ess's Designs

If I'm going to hold to the 25 motifs by 25 designers, I can't count these - alas.

It's the swan from the Critters book [if you don't already have this book, it's a must have! Reasonably priced, lots of cute animals in block tatting, good for babies, or little boys, or those that just like animals]

And the Angel is one of the free patterns on her web site.

The Fort Wayne Tatter's Guild does two wreaths a year for the Botanical Gardens Christmas Wreath display / sale. This year one will be tatted snowflakes and the other will be angels. Thus the angel
It's a silent auction, and each wreath will go for upwards of $70.

And the best part - I finally did a split chain! Yeah, Rah!

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