03 November 2006

More of Martha Ess's Designs

If I'm going to hold to the 25 motifs by 25 designers, I can't count these - alas.

It's the swan from the Critters book [if you don't already have this book, it's a must have! Reasonably priced, lots of cute animals in block tatting, good for babies, or little boys, or those that just like animals]

And the Angel is one of the free patterns on her web site.

The Fort Wayne Tatter's Guild does two wreaths a year for the Botanical Gardens Christmas Wreath display / sale. This year one will be tatted snowflakes and the other will be angels. Thus the angel
It's a silent auction, and each wreath will go for upwards of $70.

And the best part - I finally did a split chain! Yeah, Rah!

Congratulations on the expected addition to the family! What a lovely idea to tat bookmark and family mementos in matching colours. Look at all of the techniques you got to master doing these. Phenomenal progress! For the purpose of the challenge a motif is anything you want to tat. No one said you had to tat projects from different designers, although it has been interesting to see. Personally, I don't have 25 books so I'd have to go scour the internet for works from other designers.
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