19 October 2006

The fall gardens

This is the garden bed on the east side of the house. Also known as the hosta bed - There must be 15 different types of hostas.

And there are toad lilies! They are the small purple flowers in the picture on the left.

As you can see, the leaves are piling up. Oh, well. I can either tat and train Emma the wonder dog, or do yard work.


I know, I promised chickens.
[See above tag line]

Here are some of the girls. All females, great eggs. They are so different. And they have personalities - some are shyer, some friendlier.

And they talk, and chatter, and loudly announce their egg production.

Emma at 6 months!

I know, I know, I know

She's so darn cute!

Look at that smile. Just a wonder dog.


12 October 2006

What I got for 50 Cents

At a church rummage sale

Better than Ebay - Instant gratification!

There were two more balls of the size 70/80 - but they shattered into tiny pieces, and the little bit of tatting is also shattering. Little rings and chain pieces in the bottom of the ziploc bag.

The Fifth Motif

A Snowflake!

It's Winter Rose from Teeny Tatted Snowflakes by Samantha Melnychuk

Her website is at

It's not been updated for two years, so take caution.

I bought my copy of the book from ZigZag Corner, and it has some very nice snowflakes.


06 October 2006

Emma, again!

It's Emma, on the couch!

I finally have a dog that will sit on the couch next to me - Yeah, rah!

We're in Dog 2 class now, with Canine Companions in Huntington, Indiana - a great group of trainers.

My goal with Emma is a Therapy Dog, she's got the personality for it. Especially the Paws to Read program at the local library - something dear to this librarian's heart


The Fourth Motif

This is Rigel, the key from Contemporary Tatting : New Designs from an Old Art by Judith Conners, ISBN 0-684-04278-9. It's a wonderful book, great designs, and a great section in front where she has defined and diagrammed techniques. The section on split chain is a nice one, and it's tempting me to learn how to do it, finally.
There's lots that I want to add to my tat to do list!

Yes, it's the same thread as two of the other motives - That's what happens sometimes when you like a color, and put too much thread on shuttles :-)


03 October 2006

The 3.5th motif

It's not really a full size motif - but I had extra thread on my shuttle from the floral, and I turned to Tatting Collage by Linday Rogers. ISBN 1-86108-020-4, and found this cheerful pattern.

They are for cards, with tatting applied to them, thus the slightly unfinished look.


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